Features Of The Testixx
Automated Content System

Quality Content: Displays In Your Social Media Accounts

Popular Video Content: Automatically Feeds SM

Multiple Fan Page Campaigns: Can Be Supported

Intelligent Analysis: Tells Us What Adjustments Are Needed

Real Time Visitor Recording: How The Visitor Engages You

Desktop and Mobile:

We Got 6K Twitter Followers
In Under 2 Months

Over 40 Tweets per day
Attracting Followers


All the tweets and retweets are
related to your business.

Twitter Has Blown Up In The Past Few Years

From small businesses and online marketers to even Presidents are using Twitter to communicate with their audience.

Huge brands are selling out 1000s of products every single day using Twitter.

When you build an audience, you can send 1000s of people to your site with just 1 tweet.

But building an audience with a large number of followers has always been the #1 problem for anyone starting out online or running a small business.

The fact is - Twitter is not just for celebrities, news channels & media authorities. With the right audience, Twitter can become VERY profitable for you, very quickly.

The question is, how do you build your audience FOR FREE?

That's where we decided to help you AUTOMATE everything and build a solution that gets you 100s and 1000s of Twitter followers on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT and at zero recurring cost.

Meet the Team

David Kraus assists businesses, both large and small, put systems in place to increase clients by using Inbound Social Media Strategies. Through years of trial and error, David does not use all the hype and fluff of others, but rather focuses on the results instead. He delivers a sales and marketing background of over 30 years and now applies that experience to Social Media. Connect with David on LinkedIn

David Kraus

Desi Kraus is a graphic designer and marketing professional with over 7 years experience helping to promote and brand multiple companies across the U.S. Being in this profession through the millennial age, Desi has a deep understanding of the continuously changing trends and social media branding. Using a clean, modern style, Desi brands and maintains the continuity it takes to be a well known driving force in social media. Connect with Desi on LinkedIn

Desi Kraus

"Mark Gould is a YouTube expert with an arsenal of tools which prove very effective and an essential part to automation process. Youtube marketing can be used for any niche and any type of marketing including local business marketing, you will be amazed by the audience growth

Mark Gould

We focus on what counts… not simply finding out which buttons to press, but how to integrate your social media campaigns to help your sales, marketing or recruitment. There is so much hype and frankly “CRAP” on the internet, how do you find something that really works? We are not promising you another magic bullet, but rather a real solution to a time consuming problem.

Look At Some Of The Results We Got
Using Testixx Automated Content System

Social Media Marketing Is YOUR Future!

Dear Business Owner!

The Goal is to drive prospects from your social media accounts to your product or service using the path of least resistance.

The Problem: We found that it takes consistent Time, Dedication, and Money to create social media content on a regular and consistent basis to have an active social media account that gets views and engagement. And even if you have all this covered, there is no guarantee that it’s going to work.

The Solution: We will install and manage an Automated Content Solution for your Blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts that will begin building your fans and followers. Most importantly it will get them interested in visiting your website, product, service or offers without having to spend money to promote them.

Facebook Advertising Is Expensive
Ad prices are going up and up...

We know growing Social Media is hard work. We've been there. We bought a shiny new Facebook Ads course and spent $100+ in ad campaigns but never saw that money again... BIG FAIL.

Do you know how expensive it is to get 100% REAL Fans on Facebook?

So how about having something 100x BETTER than manual methods...how about we create a SOCIAL MEDIA MACHINE?

[+] A machine that will work on 100% Autopilot...

[+] All day and all night, 24/7 for you.

[+] No need for a Virtual Assistant.

[+] And No need to pay Facebook for ads.

A machine that brings in a targeted-audience not only on Facebook but all you social media accounts.



Together we can make it possible. Build a Following, and make money from other peoples content, for a really long time. WITHOUT BUYING EXPENSIVE ADVERTISING.

CEO of Camping World & star of CNBC's "The Profit," Marcus Lemonis loves Social Media

Social Media is undeniably the per-eminent segment of the internet. Social Media has made the internet very personal.

Marcus Lemonis’ from the TV show "The Profit" says, “I’d rather pull information from people as opposed to pushing information to people.” This is a wildly successful strategy.

And here’s your BIG opportunity – People are looking for fresh relevant content all the time. There are so many people, looking at social media every day, that every niche has more demand than supply. Yep, people are hungry for Your Content Curration.

Posting Consistent Quality Content Isn't Hard With Testixx Automation

Videos have gone in the direction of general content. Everywhere you go online you see video. The Testixx Automation System will find and distribute high quality video content inside of your social media accounts.

You never have to produce a video or create content, if you don't want. That is the power of Testixx Automation. We currate content just like Huffington Press and Forbes.

Why Do People Fail At
Social Media Marketing?

Random Niches

Not Posting
Consistent Content

Giving Up
Too Early

Not Optimizing
Their Content

Did you notice that not having enough equipment, or enough money is not one of the reasons. People have found success on Social Media, shooting with nothing but their cellphone camera, and sometimes without even that, just cobbling up a few graphics together using their PC with a caption.

Social Media Marketing Success is not about having the glitziest production value, but about having an idea, something to say, and knowing how to get it before people.

And getting quality content before people, is what this Automation System will help you with.

The Benefits of Using Textixx Automation to Build a Large Social Media Following

  • No more MISSING OUT on an important traffic and leads source for your business.
  • No more spending money to get Social Media followers that are barely real.
  • No need to manually post content links of your website or blog to keep an active account.
  • No more manual labor for increasing your social media followers & audience.
  • No need to make any HUGE investments (of both time and money).
  • No more having to hire Virtual Assistants to do meaningless tasks for you.
  • No life-draining tech skills required to make this work for you.

Working With Testixx, You Will...

Receive the best niches and keyword research for your business and genre.

Know exactly how much traffic those targeted keywords are receiving.

Discover the best available content including images, articles and videos for your genre.

Get your website seach engine optimized over time as you content distribution begins.

Get 100% free organic traffic from your social media accounts without spending anything on ads.

Build a library of videos on your website and social media channels.

Even New Accounts Can
Grow Followers Quickly

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a Social Media Expert. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t Social Media Course in your life. With the Testixx Automation System, you’ll social media accounts will begin growing from Day One.

Here Is How
Testixx Automated Content Works

Find Quality Content For Your Niche

First we research all the content in your genre. Then we determine the best content available based on production quality and the message delivered.

Set-up Content Feeds

This content is set-up inside the feeds that will stream into your social media accounts.

Begin Posting Content

Posting begins according to guidelines we have established which are based on the social media platforms terms of service. We begin slowly and turn it up over time.

Track Results and Make Adjustments

As the automated posts, tweets, likes and commenting begin, we identify what is working and what is not. We do this by reviewing data and making adjustments accordingly.

Watch Your Audience Grow

Results tell the story. You will begin seeing results within the first 48 hours of the start of the content feeds.

How Can Testixx Automation
Make You MONEY?

  • Promote your business and services to your Followers.

  • Run email promotions or sell your own products and services.

  • Promote amazon, ebay, affiliate and other companies products.

  • Get paid to recommend products once you build a large audience.

  • Drive traffic to your blog & sell your own products there.

  • Generate leads for high ticket offers, events and promotions.

It's Time For You To Start Building Your Audience.

Take Care Of Your Business Today & It'll Take Care Of You For The Rest Of Your Life

Your business is your most precious asset, more important than any house you build. The decisions you make for it today will have consequences that will impact the rest of your life. If you can crack it, it's going to be a lifelong harvest, but if you don't then you'll never be able to stop struggling.

So aim for massive success and make use of every single traffic opportunity you can. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other social media you should have a plan to make them work for you.

With Testixx Automation System, it's easy to fill one part of that puzzle. It's easy to make your curated content reach it's full potential on Social Media and get you the most precious Internet resource – Organic traffic.

Still On The Edge?

Your Investment Is SAFE!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Making up your mind is hard, especially when it’s a new technology that you haven’t tried yet. Well, we really want you to have the first mover’s advantage, and that’s why we are prepared to bear all the risk.

Here’s our guarantee!

If for any reason during the first 30 days you may request a full refund, no questions asked. If you don’t like what it does for you and your business, just let us know within 30 days by contacting us at Support and we will refund you 100% of the money!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I see a sample of the Testixx Automation System?

A. Yes, you can actually see it running live and growing. Here are the links: Twitter, Facebook, Website

Q. Is this alright with the social media platforms?

A. Yes, we are in complete compliance with the terms of service of all social media platforms and are actually encouraged to do so.

Q. How long before I start seeing results?

A. Generally, we see results within a week of implementing our system, though your time may vary depending on where your social media presence is at in the beginning.

Q. I have some additional questions, who can I ask?

A. We are happy to answer any additional questions you have. Please contact us here and we will help you. Support